Centipede AB – To protect assets and minimize risks before they occur, to react and support if they occur

Centipede AB is a independent security company who aims at to support and secure companies, organizations and ordinary people in their daily business with the highest quality.  Our mission is to help our client in advance and continuous to minimize their endangerment and to enable that their activity can go on or expand. Our consultants and international network represent a dynamic and powerful mix of internationally experienced operatives, civilian security experts and academic specialists.

Mission success and sustainable results are achieved by:

  • Working in close and long term cooperation with our clients, our professional network, local partners and international experts
  • Combining in-depth analysis and advice with on-the-ground implementation and training
  • Tailor made solutions
  • Supporting business and sales strategies in new and challenging markets

This enables our clients to be successful throughout any type of operations in any type of environment.



Create solutions that protect our client’s assets with minimal impact on the daily activity.



To be the leading provider of advanced security solutions based on: our core values, experience, net work and senior personnel.



Humility, commitment, knowledge and availability