IT is today a necessary part of any business and therefor also IT security. The IT threats of today is very different compared to only a few years ago. IT criminality is today very organized and business espionage increases rapidly. 

brandMark1With help from our business partner ELITS we can provide you with the necessary knowledge and services to prevent damages and costs caused by IT threats.

ELITS has long experience of IT environments with very high security demands and has built a strong pool of competence and knowledge about IT security management.

A companies data is in most cases so valuable so that a partly or complete loss of data would be a catastrophe. With a trustable IT partner you can prevent risks and avoid heavy costs or damages to your business. ELITS prefers to work near the customer and thinks that the best weapon against IT threats is knowledge and awareness among the personnel, including the management. Technical solutions is also necessary, but they have no value if the personnel who will use it don’t have the right skills and acceptance of the needs of the technical solutions.

ELITS – IT humanized

 Example of services that ELITS can provide:

  • Advice
  • Education
  • Project leading
  • Risk analyze
  • IT security revision
  • IT security consultants
  • Installation of it systems (e.g. Encryption, signing, secure authentication, virus and malware protection, firewalls, etc)
  • Trustable and secure services (storage, backup, virtualization, mail services, VPN services, etc)