New markets and opportunities generate new challenges and unknown risks for organizations. Understanding the local environment and implementing effective Health, Safety & Security Solutions is a key to successful operations and business continuity.


Managing health, safety and security

Centipede supports clients with planning, execution and quality assurance during a project. Centipede provides experience and best practice expertise, turning risk into opportunity and achieving sustainable results in challenging environments. When a project is finished Centipede can take an active role as the client’s security co-ordinator to ensure and follow up that the security investment is maintained.


Protecting people

With the knowledge and the experience within Centipede,s personnel we can offer solutions to protect personnel, people and projects in regions, countries which they client has refrain from. This allows them to reach new markets and by that receive possibilities to get new business and been able to focus on the main business, their business itself.


Protecting infrastructure

Centipede can build up protection around strategically important infrastructure such as residences, offices, camps, production and transport facilities. Depending on threat and risk levels, we implement a layered security strategy combining people, procedures and systems.